LG Introduces Home Theater with 3D Sound 9.1 for CES 2012

LG Introduces Home Theater with 3D Sound 9.1 for CES 2012

LG follows presenting products for CES 2012  and the company continues investing in the segment of home entertainment and home cinema. Four new home theater systems with 3D sound 9.1, to partner with your own 3D TV.

One of these new models is called BH9420PW and has five traditional loudspeakers with additional drivers at the top of each of the four side speakers, offering a 9.1 sound system. With this configuration the sound can be designed more efficiently and depending on the size of the room where installed. The system looks very simple, and towers in shades of black piano integrate with any environment.

According to LG, the user can better hear the different sounds played by the equipment even in larger rooms. The product is able to adjust your sound playback at different levels of projection based on a complex algorithm that analyzes the change in depth of various objects displayed in 3D TV screensThus, the different sounds are played at different volumes offering a three-dimensional feel.This feature is called 3D Sound Zooming .

LG has not revealed details about the product, leaving the table to reveal the full specifications of this and other models of this new line of home theaters during the company’s presentation at CES 2012, scheduled for Jan. 9.

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