Lets Talk About 6 Retina Screen Rival

Users may be interested in a smartphone with sleek, battery life, “buffaloes” or support more compelling applications, but nothing more wonderful when it possesses a display amazingly sharp.┬áMobile technology today has a lot of groundbreaking effort to give us a touch screen with rich colors, deep tones and sharp images.┬áThere is no exaggeration to say that today’s smartphones have made great progress on a lot more quality than most of the past the screen.┬áHere are 6 smartphone touchscreen property can rival the top of the screen Retina.

Retina Screen Rival

1. Nokia Lumia 900
The strategy of Nokia screen quality is quite outstanding, owned 900 Lumia screen scratch-resistant 4.3-inch AMOLED Gorilla Glass is equipped ClearBlack technology. The advantages of ClearBlack Display includes good visibility under sunlight, black and white becomes more realistically with energy saving capabilities.
Lets Talk About 6 Retina Screen Rival 1
2. LG Spectrum
Smartphone LG IPS screen resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, the image bright, sharp with high contrast. Also this phone is also capable of recording 1080p video clip for vivid, smooth.
Lets Talk About 6 Retina Screen Rival 2
3. Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Who owns the Galaxy Nexus would cause many people to envy because it can run Android Ice Cream Sandwich original. But also can not ignore the Super AMOLED touchscreen super large 4.65-inch resolution of 1280 x 720 pixel display rich colors, sharp and vibrant.
Lets Talk About 6 Retina Screen Rival 3
4. Nitro LG HD
Nitro LG HD equipped desktop True HD panels AH-IPS for better viewing angle, low power consumption, color clarity, color reproduction and displays good accuracy under the sun. Also the touch screen of LG Nitro also supports 16 million colors for the pixel density of up to 326 ppi. bring high-definition, a dominant feature of this handset is feature pictures and video are impressive.
Lets Talk About 6 Retina Screen Rival 4
5. HTC Rezound
Rezound not only equipped with Beats Audio headphones great sound quality that even have an impressive display. Highlight the user quickly identify the main Rezound 4.3-inch LCD screen Super-resolution HD 720 p.Surf the web, watching videos or playing games on smartphones are already feels great.
Lets Talk About 6 Retina Screen Rival 5
6. Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket (AT & T)
No need to say much about Super AMOLED touchscreen Samsung and there is also enough to figure out the quality of the touch screen on the Galaxy S II.┬áSamsung’s Smartphone is designed with a 4.5 inch AMOLED Plus with 4G LTE connections with many useful features such as 1.5 GHz processor, NFC chip and 8 MP camera resolution for photo quality good and the ability to shoot 1080p HD video.
Lets Talk About 6 Retina Screen Rival 6
Reference: Cnet


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