Leave Messages on Android Locked Screen

Leave Messages on Android Locked Screen  1

Your Locked Android phone is lost if it can win in privacy because no one can see and search your information. However, this can work against you if the person who finds your phone to be returned.For this situation, Mishaps allows you to leave contact numbers on the lock screen of the mobile.

Lock the phone

Let’s face it, losing the mobile is something that can happen to everyone, some people lose it more often and there are people who never has happened but eventually we could occur. My mission is not to give bad vibes to all lose their mobile but what I want is to show that just to block our phoneis not enough to be happy.

Block our mobile give us the assurance that no one enter our personal information, steal it, use it or change it. However, this also means that an individual may have found our Android ‘m unable to access the information needed to return it.

Leave Messages on Android Locked Screen  2Leave Messages on Android Locked Screen  3

Application for Android lock screen

Mishaps is an Android application that allows us to leave a message on the screen of your mobile device blocked in case something bad happens as an emergency or loss of the phone.

In the locked screen can leave a contact number, a name, e-mail box and even a complete message.This serves well for someone who finds your mobile phone or to contact any emergency service tomorrow if we are part of an accident or something happens to us leaves us unconscious.

Mishaps application is not the latest or the most beautiful of all but does its job with flying colors.Despite not work with other applications to block screens than the native Android is more than enough to get to meet if mission.

Leave Messages on Android Locked Screen  4Leave Messages on Android Locked Screen  5

The application to lock the screen with messages will cost a dollar and can be purchased now from Google Play . If you have tested the application would like to know your opinion of it. If you have not already done so expect opinions and suggestions for further study of applications and suggestions about the site.


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