Kinetik Develops iPhone Applications Based on Social Elemets

Kinetik Develops iPhone Applications Based on Social ElemetsAccording to foreign media reports, Apple’s App Store , now has nearly 50 million applications, but user buy the application process is the lack of “Easy to shared” social elements. San Francisco based start up company Kinetik hope to solve this problem. It today launched a “application sharing” application, it can be your friends and “potential friends” are using the application, recommended the new application to you.

There are currently more than 450,000 applications for the world’s two hundred million iOS iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users. Kinetik’s chief operating officer Juan Moreno¬† said that

No one has time to sort out 450,000 applications. If people can see what their friends are using the kind of application, things would be more easier.

Kinetik user can select an application, add a brief comment, and then share as Twitter and Facebook social networking website. You can see the person you are concerned about recent share what applications, and Kinetik applications will be shared in accordance with these popular and categories [such as games, music and photography] finishing up the organization.

Kinetik Develops iPhone Applications Based on Social ElemetsKinetik’s “People” unit will display some users, these users use the same number and your application, so you can pay attention to them. And each user will have a profile, so you can broadcast to a friend what application you are using. Also, Kinetik closest service may be a few GetGlue and Flingo, and their entertainment content on the web and use a similar concept.

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