Kidsocial: Now the Safe Social Network for Your Kids,Under 13 Years

Kidsocial- Now the Safe Social Network for Your Kids

The Kidsocial is a social network exclusively for children. You can access music, games, conversations between users and sharing photos. All this in a safe environment, with parental supervision. Caretakers control the acceptance of requests for friendship and sharing content.

The pages are not publicly seen, therefore, it is necessary that children get to know in real life be held for the connection between them. This form of security is implemented through codes created by the site.

Just enter user information unique to each profile and the parents are automatically notified. The control is mandatory for children under 13 years. But at the time of registration, they are asked if they would like parents to accompany the Kidsocial .

The playground consists of virtual games and traditional trademarks also directed to the public network. In addition, children can build avatars and challenge others in games. Regarding the recommendation of content, Kidsocial family uses filters to display the appropriate videos YouTube , Hulu and songs from Grooveshark .

In partnership with the National Center for e-science, the Kidsocial also helps educate children about the dangers of the Internet, to ensure safety and even information about careers in digital environments.


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