In July, Thousands of Computers May Lose Access to The Internet

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The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) issued a warning, according to which the July 9 this year, thousands of computers may lose access to the Internet, if their owners do not will remove the Trojan DNS Changer. Malicious software poses a threat to machines running Windows and Mac OS, the Trojan does not work on systems of Linux (including Android) and Apple iOS.

The malicious code is called “DNS Changer” was discovered in 2007 and now, according to experts, it infected millions of computers around the world. The algorithm intercepts requests for the transition to the address specified by the user and sends the machine to servers controlled by attackers. With these servers, users are shown ads, resulting in hackers make millions of dollars, says Forbes.

Last year, the FBI, in cooperation with law enforcement authorities in Estonia confiscated servers used by cyber criminals, thus violating the work of the criminal chain. However, the machine responsible for the performance of the system, remained in the network, although no longer infected machines to send users promotional messages. Due to the large scale contamination of the FBI, engineers decided to replace servers with malware own two computers, which do not carry out hazardous activities. However, the content of this small data center was too expensive, and therefore it was decided to turn them off after a 120-day period from the date of the transaction. Since all virus infected computers perform DNS Changer Internet surfing through these servers are strictly defined by the addresses of servers offline withdrawal would mean the failure of the Internet for the affected computers, which will happen on July 9.

In this regard, all users are strongly recommended prior to that date to scan their computers to detect the Trojan. Service “cured” of servers carried out by experts of the working group DCWG (DNS Changer Working Group), they also created a dedicated website, with which anyone can test your car and determine whether it is infected by this malicious code. According to DCWG to January 2012 DNS Changer trojan have been infected with 45 thousand computers.

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