The Joke in Technology on April Fools this Year

The afternoon game that large technology companies launched today many people believe that impaired the truth 100%.

Online mapping service Google Maps

April Fool -1

From 31/3, when many people access to an online map service Google was surprised find a familiar interface like turned into graphics mode on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). 

Search company says it has successfully developed the online maps for machine nearly 30 years old.


Android phone conversation with the battery super crisis

April Fool -2


April Fools Day, the company O2 (UK) launch Android phone with continuous talk time the battery 1,000 hours (42 days), the waiting time of 3 months.

The other smartphone on the market which is only heard calling up to 12 hours. The image is shared, offering ultra high design, integrated camera and a 3.5 mm jack.


Accessories protection Shieldcho i-phone

April Fool -3


Carphone Warehouse company unveiled a unique accessory Shieldcho i-phone to protect against broken, damaged by impact. 

This device can tell the wind speed to diagnose device drops of more than 1 meter. Once there, it will bulge out like a bag and wrapped the whole phone. Product is expected to sell for $ 14.

RH-1 Lens

April Fool -4


This product by Robinson Hope fabrication studio supports DSLR cameras such as Canon 5D Mark III, 5D Mark II or 7D … to add the ability to shoot ultra-wide-screen video like Hollywood works.¬†Useful products will be sold at an attractive price $ 600.

Some other Google Related Jokes..

We continue to April 1, and thus, in Fools Day (¬†April Fools’ Day¬†) as the Anglo-Saxon culture, a day that must be wary of much of the news circulating on the network because, in large measure, often hide the occasional joke (like the comedian¬†Conan O’Brien Mashable purchased¬†and occupies the position of CEO Pete Cashmore relieving).¬†Last night we discussed the great joke of Google and its idea of creating a version of¬†Google Maps for NES¬†and, it seems, the guys from¬†Google¬†have been thoroughly prepared on April Fools’ Day this year because they have been circulated¬†two jokes¬†the net¬†related to two other products: Google Chrome and Gmail for mobile devices¬†.

Multitask Google Chrome¬†could be the solution for those who accumulate excess tasks and we would like to do more than one at a time, whereas Google wants to resolve handle allowing a pair of mice simultaneously so that, for example, can play Angry Birds while you’re writing an email in Gmail and do both simultaneously.

The guys at Google have inserted into a demo of how it would handle the browser with a couple of mice at a time and after pressing the button appears we will see another pointer that moves at the same time as ours (but in the opposite zone) but after finishing the test, how could it be otherwise, notified us that this is a joke and, yet, so there is no multitasking in Chrome (a penalty).

Some users, including myself included, that are not managed well at the time of writing with a touch screen mobile device (in my case it must be because they used to use BlackBerry devices with keyboard). More comfortable thinking about writing, and much faster, Gmail guys have decided to create a new input method aimed at mobile devices called Gmail Tap .

Tap Gmail, available for iPhone OS and Android, takes us back in time and eliminates the classic QWERTY keyboard for something much simpler: the dots and dashes of Morse code . Indeed, what better way to avoid pushing a wrong letter to remove the 26 letters of the keyboard and change by 2, the probability of error is greatly reduced, and when we write the pattern of dots and dashes automatically appear the words that represent them.

In addition, to be far more productive, Google introduced the concept of multi-email so we can write more than one email at a time and can work much faster.


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