Japanese Plans the Construction of a Space Elevator Before 2050

Japanese Plans the Construction of a Space Elevator before 2050

The space exploration has always been one of the great hopes of humanity and more than half a century, a reality made possible through the efforts of a few people who were able to build rocket ships and space shuttles that have gone into human beings into space and build, for example, the International Space Station. A Japanese company has decided to be part of space exploration

and has announced that for 2050, built a lift that allows transporting people and material to a space station, ie a space elevator .

The idea reminds me of the song Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin, the stairway to heaven, as the Japanese construction project has a certain resemblance Obayashi as seeking to build an elevator to avoid the launch of spacecraft and rockets into space transport, such as a building hoists, material and people into a space station could be located at about 38,000 miles above Earth , emulating the novel The Fountains of Paradise of Arthur C. Clarke .

Currently we can not estimate the cost of this project

38,000 kilometers in altitude? The truth is that the idea is quite complex and hard to get but the company is sure it’s something that could be addressed within 40 years thanks to a technology that has high hopes and there are many research papers to his around: the carbon nano tubes . According Obayashi, this particular elevator would use wires made of carbon nanotubes by high resistance sujetarían platform to raise that, on Earth, would be fixed to the ocean floor.

Given the distance that the elevator cabin, with capacity for 30 people, will travel about 200 kilometers per hour thanks to magnetic motors which are powered by solar panels arranged in the space station.

We will try to advance the project to not end up being just a dream

I do not know if you succeed to get it, it is difficult to predict something that could happen or not within 40 years but I see it difficult for a private sector company except with the financing of a public agency or a multinational consortium, anyway, the idea an elevator is not new and the NASA takes time studying some ideas on this transport.

Bradley C. Edwards , a former NASA engineer, conducted a preliminary study sent to NASA for review and if, indeed, is based on carbon nanotubes. Under his plan, had to return to the classic method of construction of bridges, that is, run a cable between the two ends to be joined and then reinforce it with thick, sturdy legs, though, using one of the strongest materials known : carbon nano tubes.

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