Is it True That Some of The New iMacs Assembled in the U.S.?

imac-assembledNowadays it does not take a soothsayer to know where the Apple make most most of its products that are distributed throughout the world.  Asia, which have cheap labor and crowded populations of people is one of the world’s industrial place. Nothing new. But what you think if I told you that some of the new iMacs which began distributing last week have been manufactured in the United States.

 Apparently a small number of units is not known which specific provenance but if that is specified in the data team has been assembled in the United States . Logically most components are imported from other countries, but is curious to meet such nice surprise for Industry.

In any case there is even more curious details, the main thing is that no one knows where these iMacs have left nostrils. The reason is that while both Foxconn and Apple have facilities in the U.S., to our knowledge, neither has enough capacity to manufacture or assemble components in these facilities at this scale.imac_label


Another interesting detail is that the U.S. regulatory body approves only the use of the terminology “Assembled in USA “when a specific percentage of the product is manufactured in the country, so we understand that there are more parts that they made in USA .

In any case we must be aware that , Steve Jobs coordinated the production of the factory and assembly of original Macintosh in the ’80s in California, but later was sold to Kodak. Apple has already shown intentions prior to manufacture some of its products in USA , so this may be the first step to return to basics.

Via: 9to5mac

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