The New iPod Shuffle, Small Aesthetic Touches that Continue the Idea Minimalist

The New iPod Shuffle, Small Aesthetic Touches that Continue the Idea Minimalist 2

In this latest update iPod shuffle , the fifth generation of this player, Apple has introduced radical design changes or a new device concept, as happened with the third generation “pincer untapped” and the important step taken in 2010 to include them again .

The iPod shuffle has always been an iPod special : family lacks the screen that have all other devices, and from the third generation, it includes full voice control that will allow us to navigate through our songs, albums or playlists simply using the main body, or headphones themselves that have them. The voice, in perfect Spanish ( and other languages, if we need it ), tell us all the necessary information, including the current battery capacity.

With this model, released in September, Apple has just updated the building materials and colors available product. Both 2GB capacity as the price of 49 € will remain unchanged. However, I have seen roughly tell the contents of this model , to clear doubts that includes EarPods, cable Lightning or something new that differentiates it from the previous generation.

Box Content

The New iPod Shuffle, Small Aesthetic Touches that Continue the Idea Minimalist 3

The highlight of the current generation of iPods, is the inclusion of the new Lightning EarPods and connector. Two changes expected and rumoured for months, you will not see in the new iPod shuffle. As you can see in the picture above, the connector to the computer is still a 3.5mm minijack and USB , which is used for synchronization and for charging the device.

In addition, the headphones are also built new EarPods, but the usual previous generation we already know, but no microphone or control buttons. So anyone thinking of buying this iPod for EarPods by passing a good price, because they take unwelcome surprise. Of course, if we connect each this shuffle, the buttons work smoothly incorporated.

The rest of the content is limited to the traditional use indications rapid shuffle, so important if the first time you use the device, as the combination of buttons to control efficiently the voice-over here is essential.

Nothing more, nothing less

The New iPod Shuffle, Small Aesthetic Touches that Continue the Idea Minimalist 4

 Although the design has not changed a bit, the material itself that it has: in this generation we have gone from the bright aluminum anodized aluminum , the same that incorporate the iPhone 5 and iPod touch.To the touch, it seems to be more rugged and more comfortable in the hand, because being so small and light, we are slipping is not difficult.

For this generation, Apple has set the player in eight different color ( one of them belongs to the campaign PRODUCT RED , in which as Apple partner company will donate a portion of profits from the sale of this product to the Global Fund to fight the AIDS in Africa ). Some colors, retrieved directly from previous generations, a good range to choose from. Curiously, the Apple logo on the back has been highlighted again with a contrasting white with any color you choose.

Sound quality is very good, with a frequency response of 20 to 20,000 Hz and the battery will allow us to listen to music for about 15 hours without charging, perfect for sports or grab for a full day without worrying about weight or size. This is the purpose for which it was designed the iPod shuffle, from the first generation to this. If you want to know more details about it, I would urge you to read my analysis of the previous generation , which describe the key points are still valid in the model we are talking about today.

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