iPhone self-igniting on Australian Flight

The passengers of Flight, Regional Express ZL319, Australia, learned about just how “hot” is the iPhone as a device, but unfortunately not in the sense that it breaks treasurer, as the iPhone of one passenger began emits smoke and has red by heat was developed. 

iPhone self-igniting on Australian Flight

According to the press release the airline, a flight attendant had to follow security procedures of the company, which means the execution “rehabilitation” to ensure that the “red glow was extinguished successfully.” None of the passengers or the flight crew was injured, because fortunately the incident took place when the plane had now landed in Sydney. Judging from a photograph of the device seems to be going for an iPhone 4. You can see very clearly the cracks and the hole in the back of the device from where the smoke poured out and the red light was emitted. Although reports are few and far between, there have been other iPhone owners who have seen their devices to “do break” literally.Like this story, users have noticed the device starts to increase temperature before finally exploding.aposynargmologiseis In devices, the iPhone 4 has shown that houses the battery on the right side of the device and taking into account global warming and tobacco would very likely the cause of overheating is his own battery. 

Apple has recently also admitted that the first generation iPod Nano, had some “thematakia” overheating, and adopted if somewhat belatedly, notice of cancellation and replacement of device for free.

Source :BBC News


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