iPhone 5: Apple Explains the Purple Color in the Photos

iPhone 5: Apple Explains the Purple Color in the Photos 2

Apple acts directly on the so-called Purplegate , the controversy that erupted around the purple halo ‘ iPhone 5 melts on certain photographs portrayed smartphone of Cupertino. But it is a very intervention “Steve Jobs” and little “Tim Cook , with radically different approach than that taken forward in case of questionable maps placed on iOS 6.

Apple, in fact, advises users to simply change the way you shoot, declining end-user responsibility to arrive at a click of higher quality.

Apple nicchiato few days before action is taken (in the first instance had simply called “normal “issue, not scandal ravvedendo then some), but eventually succumbed to the pressure of the controversy:” The majority of small cameras, including those of any generation of iPhone, they can show some kind of glow on the edge of the frame when capturing an image with an external light source to the scene. ” These words, first, then move the debate from the iPhone 5 for small cameras , generalizing the “purplegate” the whole family of the iPhone so as not to impose the full responsibility on the newcomer.

He continues:

“It can happen when a light source is positioned at an angle (usually outside the field in sight) causing a reflection on the inner surfaces of the camera module and the sensor of the camera.” 

So the advice, that is the solution that identifies Apple to resolve the problem:

“By moving the camera slightly to change the position in which the light enters the lens, screen or by the lens with your hand, you can minimize or eliminate ‘ effect . “

Anyone who has followed in recent years the evolution of production Apple, Steve Jobs will be remembered that at the time dismissed the Antennagate, which is advising users to hold the phone in a different way to remedy reception problems (caused directly by a clear error of antenna design). The approach has been the same with the Purplegate: the problem is “outsourced”, the solution is discharged on the user and the phone comes out clean .

Differences in approach

Stands, however, also a clear difference compared to what Apple has put together on the occasion of the problems found on the maps of iOS 6: in this case, Tim Cook has apologized and promised immediate commitment to restore the quality of the offer, correcting what is proposed in the first instance to evolve the final quality of the device.

And this difference is well founded. In the case of maps, in fact, you’re not talking about a problem “hardware”, but rather a flawed service that can be refined gradually. Admit an error in hardware (assuming a “fault” in relation to the form of the iPhone photo 5) would rather a relapse of great danger both in terms of sales, but in terms of any compensation: simply impossible, particularly in light of the extent of the problem (the controversy concerning appears disproportionate to the objective worsening of refraction purple between the various generations of the iPhone).

The approach “Tim Cook”, surprising and valuable in the field of maps, back in the drawer when an approach “Steve Jobs” manifests itself as a more effective and practical.And the strategic choice, although questionable as logic wants in these cases, it is entirely linear.

Source: Apple
Image: Apple in purple

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