New iPad Pre-Orders, Not For all Sellers

New iPad Pre-Orders, Not For all Sellers

For years we are talking about huge tensions between Apple and its network of resellers. Until recently, it has come to light with the sling of RPA in France. We thought the media coverage of the endless battles would calm the ardor of Apple, it is not.

A new fresh example illustrates the difficulties faced by competitive Apple resellers. As you know, the new iPad will arrive on Friday 16 when he was announced as early as 7. To create the craze, Apple launched immediately pre-orders for the iPad (whose stocks vested in the operation are also exhausted).

The company, however, prohibits the dealer do the same, whether online or even in stores, arrogating to itself a monopoly of sales for a big week. Those who wanted to override were threatened not to be delivered on 16. This is certainly one more fact, which will feed into the proceedings initiated by certain APR.

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