The iPad 3 Arrives on March 6?

The iPad 3 Arrives on March 6

Busy day of rumor for iPad 3 , the imminent new tablet of Cupertino. After the leak of the new houses and a part of the Retina panel manufactured by Sharp, is the turn of the possible date for public presentation. According to All Things D , the influential head of Walt Mossberg of The Wall Street Journal, the successor of iPad 2 will be unveiled during the first week of March .

It is not known exactly where they come from the safety of All Things D, considered to be indicated only the general sources unverifiable. But, apparently, these anonymous informants have confirmed the keynote for the first week of March – it is assumed the traditional Tuesday 6 – at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. At present on stage, as easy to understand, Tim Cook .

Regarding the marketing of the device, however, is Cult Of Mac to engage in speculation: the arrival on store shelves could be exactly 10 days after the presentation, or 16 of that month. This is, again, rumors of a coherent tradition, targati Apple products are distributed all of Friday and the roadmap seems to indicate the right time to release the third iteration of the tablet with the apple.

From the point of view of the hardware specifications of the ‘ iPad 3 , there is much new with respect to the hypothesis that, for several weeks, follow each other without any delay. iPad 3 would be a device very similar to the current iPad 2 , so that in many speculate may be called iPad 2S or iPad 2 HD , and then retracing the same nomenclature already seen in step 4 from iPhone to iPhone 4S.

The device should be equipped with a new high-definition LED panel manufactured by Sharp, from 2048 × 1536 pixel resolution of 260 DPI. This is a density of pixels per inch four times more than the current iPad on the market, they do so iPad 3, the first tablet with Retinal Display , though of lower quality than iPhone. Likely, by contrast, the absence of a chipset type quad-core , as well as apparently confirmed by some recent indiscretions obtained from iFixit.

Source: All Things D
Via Cult of Mac

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