iOS Compatible Bulbs from Philips

iOS Compatible Bulbs from Philips 1

For some years now, there are multicoloured LED bulbs can generate multiple shades of light via a remote control. Philips has just unveiled a new model, which has the particularity to be remotely controlled via an iOS device.

Besides the ability to control the color of the light from a terminal cabbage, these bulbs will offer new opportunities, unthinkable with a single remote control. Thus, it is possible for example to automatically turn off the lights when leaving the house or turn on the way back, thanks to geo-location, while the lighting will automatically agree to an audio or video source.

These bulbs will be distributed in the Apple Store for $ 199 in a pack of three with a wireless controller that can handle 50 or 59 bulbs per unit without a controller. A high tariff for bulbs without being excessive compared to other models of light bulbs.


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