Two iOS Applications to Learn Concepts of Photography

Both for those who are going to start like that and take time but do not totally control 100% certain concepts of photography is not bad to use new technologies to better lay the groundwork. In iOS we can find several applications that help us understand how different operating parameters affecting our photographs. And that’s what we’ll see: Simple DoF Calculator and Camerasim .


It is possibly one of the best known thanks to the web where it offers a simulation of the operation of the camera . With it we can see an image which changes according to the settings we select: aperture, shutter, ISO , etc.

There are two versions, one for iPhone and one for iPad. Both at a price of 1.79 euros.

Download CameraSim for iPhone – Tuitive |CameraSim for iPad2 – Tuitive

Simple DoF Calculator

A more simple and focused CameraSim to calculate the depth of field . The first thing we do is select our camera, which certainly figures in its extensive database. Then, after selecting the camera to take into account the crop factor, in relation to the focal length, f-stop and distance to the subject we have.

The price of Simple DoF Calculator is 1.79 €. 


Simple DoF Calculator - Dennis van den Berg

Leveraging technology to learn faster

Certainly, how are you thanks to applications including simulators allow us to visualize how each parameter affects what makes us assimilate the concepts faster. Even then you have to take all this into practice.

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