iOS 6: The Largest Renovation of Apple’s Mobile OS Since its Launch

iOS 6: The Largest Renovation of Apple's Mobile OS Since its Launch 2

The main course of one of the most interesting keynotes in recent years has undoubtedly been iOS 6, the next version of Apple’s mobile operating system to be launched this fall along with quite likely a new iPhone. And is that the operating system of iPhone, the iPhone and iPod touch will receive many of the features that we dreamed with other users who had not even come to imagine.

“IOS 6 continues the rapid pace of innovation is helping Apple to reinvent the phone and create the category iPad, offering the best mobile experience available on any device. We can not wait for the hundreds of millions of users of IOS can experience the amazing new IOS 6 including the new Maps app, Siri greater support, deep integration of Facebook, photo sharing and streaming innovative new app Passbook “- Scoot Forstall, vice president of Apple’s IOS operating system

iOS 6 has over 200 new features that we will be shelling over the coming months but for now here’s the most important today presented:

  • Maps. It’s official, Apple disclaims Google Maps and we offer a completely new app will soon ask us what we did before without it: turn navigation with voice and integration with Siri, beautiful and detailed maps designed by Apple, a spectacular 3D mode, local search and analysis of real-time traffic with reports of accidents, construction zones or congestion to adjust our estimated arrival time and offer alternative routes.
  • Siri with vitamins (and Spanish). Not only can we ask “When there yet”, we also respond on sports, movies (and actors and directors) and even allow us to make reservations with OpenTable restaurants, post on Facebook or Twitter , or run applications. Apple is working with major car manufacturers to integrate Siri in their vehicles so that we can reach from the steering wheel to its full potential. By the way, Siri comes to the new iPad.
  • Integration with Facebook. If iOS 5 made ??it easier than ever to post to Twitter, iOS 6 repeats the play with the biggest social network in the world, Facebook. But it is not just to publish our state, will also integrate calendars and contacts, and placed on the App Store so we can share our favorite apps.
  • Share photos streaming. Now we can share our photos in a way simpler than ever with other IOS devices, Macs and iPhoto Mountain Lion and televisions with Apple TV. You can also view them from any web browser and comment on them.
  • Passbook. A new application where you store your cards, coupons, tickets or tickets. The possibilities are enormous discounts, go to the movies without a physical input or check the status of our next flight.
  • FaceTime video calls over 3G. Any questions? Simply limiting FaceTime over to Wi-Fi.
  • Mail improvements like the ability to include videos or photos to emails with just a few clicks, users define VIP whose emails are highlighted and have their own inbox (as in Mountain Lion, come on).Ah! And now we can update the post to the popular drag gesture down the list.
  • Improvements in Safari as tabs by icloud synchronization between devices with IOS 6 and OS X Mountain Lion, full-screen mode, offline reading lists or the ability to upload images and videos from our library.
  • Even more accessible. iOS 5 is already an operating system with more and better accessibility options for people with vision, hearing, mobility or learning but iOS 6 goes further. Guided access for people with autism focus on content, options for block devices so that only run one application set (by the way, ideal for testing 2.0), disable the hardware buttons and more.
  • App Store, iTunes Store iBookstore and redesigned to be more attractive and help us find the best applications, books, songs, TV shows and movies.
  • New API s for developers. Maps, Facebook, Passbook, Game Center Games multijuador shift between Mac and IOS, Reminders, Camera (focus, exposure, interest area, face detection, video stabilization), In-App Purchases other applications (without even leaving where we are), Safari and WebKit (filter effects with CSS , Web Audio …) …
  • Reinvented the phone, again. I have left to last a number of improvements over the iPhone as the ability to answer incoming calls with pre-defined messages on the fly or set reminders to return the call. In addition, how “Do Not Disturb” blocking calls and notifications within a set time and if you do not want to lose you an emergency, you have an option to make exceptions when someone calls us several times in a short period of time. How cool is that?

The developer beta of iPhone OS 6 is available today while the rest of us will have to wait for the final version this fall . As usual it will be a free upgrade for iPhone users 4S, 4 and iPhone 3G iPhone, the new iPhone and the iPad 2, and fourth-generation iPod touch (the original iPhone is unfortunately out).

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