Installing the iPhone OS Beta 6 Without a Developer Account

Installing the iPhone OS Beta 6 Without a Developer Account 1

Surely many of you will die wait to get their hands on iPhone OS 6 and the idea of having to wait until this fall cause you as much joy as a Monday morning. Relax, if you really can not contain your cravings here I bring the remedy for this: a simple guide on how to install the beta of iPhone OS 6 on your iPhone or iPod touch without having a developer account. 

The process is surprisingly simple and if you repent is also reversible. All you need is the latest version of iTunes (the 10.6.3, available on the Apple website ) and the beta ipsw file IOS 6 for the exact model of device you please install it. It is not difficult to find through the network and sites like iModZone make it even easier to download.

Well? What to do with both? Only this …

  1. Connect your device to your computer and start iTunes. If you do not have it configured to do backups with icloud is a good idea now.
  2. Select the device and click on the “Check for Update” while holding down the option key (capital letters in Windows).
  3. Locate the file. IOS 6 ipsw you downloaded and select it for installation.
  4. When the update process will finish 6 running IOS and not even need to reconfigure your device since this will keep everything as we had.

If the process fails and your device is not authorized to run the beta or just walk you regret messing with an unfinished version of the operating system (with crashes, applications that do not work as they should and odd behavior), provided you can restore it by reinstalling IOS 5.1.1 by following these steps :

  1. Turn off the power completely.
  2. While holding down the home button, connect the cable.
  3. The iPhone / iPod / iPad lights. Continue pressing the start button until a picture that tells you that you connect to iTunes.
  4. Congratulations, you’re in recovery mode and just follow the remaining instructions in iTunes.

My advice especially after a week using the beta is that if you can wait, expect. As curiosity is fine, but you must be clear that installing IOS 6 at this time you are giving up the stability and reliability of Apple’s operating system and applications, probably one of the things that interested you the platform first.

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