Innovative Customize of Your iPhone With Anycast Accessories

Innovative Customize of Your iPhone With Anycast Accessories 1

Anycast Solutions is a company that produces high quality accessories for a variety of devices, including iPhone and iPadThose who will show you today are some accessories for the iPhone 5 that we found particularly interesting and we would like to advise you.

We would like to say that I am fine accessories, because, if you’ve been following our latest product review , you will also know that we recently had the opportunity to try several appreciating the seriousness of the attention to detail and quality of its products.

Film set iPhone 5

Thanks to this set of films we protect the display and the back of our new iPhone 5 from accidental scratches, without affecting the design and visibility of the display. You can buy a set of films for the price of € 11.90  at this address .

Cover semitransparent thin iPhone 5

A beautiful cover for those who want to protect the back and edges of your iPhone 5. In addition to the films then, thanks to this case we can increase the protection from accidental bumps and scratches without increasing the thickness and keep a low transparency to see the beautiful design of the new iPhone. You can buy the ultra thin cover for the price of € 19.99  at this address .

Universal Travel Adapter

Universal Travel Adapter. This accessory we can charge up to two USB devices at the same time in any country. You can buy the accessory at the price of € 22.90  at this address .

Dock ’em up for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

You have purchased many accessories for the iPhone and iPad with the old 30-pin dock connectorNo problem! with this amazing system of cables you can connect any device with a new connector to the old lightning accessories. You can buy the accessory at the price of € 59.90  at this address .

100% touchscreen gloves

Finally, a simple pair of gloves in acrylic and silver fiber to protect your hands from the first cold at the same time and continue to use the iPhone with ease.You can buy gloves for the price of € 19.90  at this address .


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