Inception Becomes Reality: Develop New Skills Through your Dreams!


If you consider the time spent sleeping, get ready to review … According to recent research by Yale University, which is prone to lucid dreams-those in which you are aware that dream and evolve-able to develop new skills through dreams!

Reminiscent of the film “Inception”, the team experimented with the idea of training these people, guiding them as to what to dream. Indeed, lucid dreamers can control parts of their brains that allow them to learn while sleeping.

As the investigation is proven that the one practiced in his sleep on an activity, the better is in real life.Consider, even if he can control his dreams, and by extension the frequency of night of “workouts”.

Among others, the results showed that lucid dreamers have appealed to gambling activities within the operating areas of the brain related to decision making based on emotion and social interaction. The researchers hope that soon could improve ton self-control themselves and their skills in decision making.

Source: [dailymail ]

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