iCloud Services Problems Solved on Apple TV

iCloud Services Problems Solved on Apple TV

Apple has confirmed and resolved within a few hours the problems that have plagued the services of icloud on iTunes devices for Apple TV .

In recent days, several users have reported it is impossible to view streaming or download content , with an error message that indicated that it was not possible to play or download a specific file on the network. The message followed the suggestion of no use to connect to a WiFi network, although the connection was already enabled and running.

But it needed was a few hours to Apple, after taking into consideration the problem, to solve the issue properly and put in operation the icloud service. The signals were coming from all over the worldThe curious detail is that the failure seems to occur particularly with file size greater than or equal to 15 MB.

However, it is already history. Cupertino thanked users for their patience and accuracy in reporting the problem and restarted one of our most popular iTunes ecosystem.

Source: Apple Forums Official


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