HTML5-Console by Google: Check Online Demo

HTML5-console, which you might see in a speech at the May conference Google I / O,runs online (apparently, only in the browser Chrome). Presentation of HTML5 Wow a whole was designed to demonstrate the capabilities of HTML5. All demos, including the console, lined with open source.

HTML5-Console by Google-Check Online Demo

A couple of tips for working with HTML5-console. 

1. You can copy the files from the desktop simply by dragging them with the mouse. They will be copied into the current directory.

HTML5-Console by Google-Check Online Demo

var = Reader new FileReader (); 

reader.onload = function (E) 
{ document.querySelector ( 'img' ). src =; }; 
function  ondrop (E) 
{ reader.readAsDataURL (e.dataTransfer.files [ 0 ]); };

2. New folders are created command mkdir , and generate a random set of folders and files using the command init . 

3. Team 3d runs three-dimensional rendering of your file structure. The mouse to rotate an image. Team 3d off the picture off. 

4. The command wget also works, but here are krossdomennye restrictions, so that wget is running on the same URL.

HTML5-Console by Google- Check Online Demo-5

HTML5-Console by Google-Check Online Demo-3

HTML5-Console by Google- Check Online Demo-4


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