HTML5 Will Set off a Revolution in Digital Advertising,Google Product Manager Said

HTML5 Will Set off a Revolution in Digital Advertising,Google Product Manager Said 1

A few days ago for the opinion on Topic “HTML5 for mobile advertising”, Our Reporter interview the Google Product Manager Wook Chung. According to him , HTML5 has enormous potential to change the way of the development of mobile advertising and online publishing.

Why do people want to focus on HTML5?

 “We live in a multi-device era, people use a variety of equipment to meet the daily needs. HTML5/Javascript is known only language able to run on all modern equipment.” Mr. Chung Wook said, “

The use of HTML5 for advertisement Enhance creative Edge at any device such as a touch screen, gyroscope, GPS, and even 3D graphics acceleration. Creative Advertising can now use the basic structure into numerous kinds of content and form. HTML5 specification has not been determined, which means it can still be flexibly applied to hardware innovations. HTML5 have the opportunity to set off a revolution in digital advertising.

In addition, he said, HTML5 is the only language that can run on all major mobile operating system and browser. HTML5 for mobile advertising needs  to manage the custom native code just by advertising SDK (Software Development Kit) suppliers. Otherwise, it will lose scalability and designer creative flexibility will be severely limited. Now, with HTML5, we can release a variety of possibilities. The mobile Internet advertising is mostly static image format. We can use HTML5 to change this situation.

Goolge and other companies has always been loyal supporters of the HTML5 standard.” Wook Chung said that “through the contribution of the WebKit open source project as well as the Chrome browser, we will continue to expand the development of HTML5 territory., We also wish to HTML5 ads foundation to create a healthy advertising ecosystem in the world we envisioned, each creative can run on a variety of devices, screen size, and can make a natural response to the user interaction and device mobile. “

It is reported that, for the realization of this vision, Google is working with industry partners to cooperate for building HTML5 Advertising Standards and provides HTML5 training to the creative agency, Also work on creation of products and services from the DoubleClick platform to support these ads on the Google advertising network, and SDK.


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