Higher Rate of Problems in Hardware with Android Smartphone

Higher rate of problems in hardware with Android smartphone

“Poor’  hardware, not software, gives the company studies the high WDS support calls for smartphone based on Android. Investigation shows that 14% of calls for support for phones with Android on a malfunction of hardware. In the Windows Mobile to figure problems in the material is 11%, devices iOS reduced to 7% and finally to 6% for smartphone Blackberry, as transmitting the Telecoms.com .

The WDS estimates the cost of repair falls ‘heavy’ in mobile networks that are required to complete the return process and repair by the manufacturer.Is calculated that reaches $ 2 billion a year. However, the WDS emphasizes that problems relating to software, because when they arise are resolved either by regulation or by the relevant software update. However, Android implementations by manufacturers with more than 25 to adopt the platform, differ significantly. Manufacturers are encouraged to improve the quality of devices and networks to increase their demands on quality hardware and to educate consumers so they know what to expect from their financial smartphone. Most hardware problems related to touch screen, keyboard, speakers, microphone and battery performance. The WDS also proposes to inform users about the consequences of using many possibilities exist even in economics phones. One example is that when both are enabled Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G significantly reduced the autonomy of the device. Another that some demanding applications are only available on models with higher costs. Illustration, the problems in the implementation of the popular game Angry Birds in economically smartphone, led the developer Rovio Mobile in the decision to adopt a less demanding version to run smoothly on phones lower standards. The WDS supports the study of 600,000 calls for support for one year and until August 2011 in Europe, North America, South Africa and Australia.


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