Hackulous Closes: The end of Piracy and the Beginning of a New Jailbreak


Hackulous closes its doors, interrupting the development of AppSync and simultaneously blocking the use of Installous. We were unsure if touching a hot topic as well but we could not escape from giving a news story so important.

A Message from Hackulous

Hackulous closes and announces the following letter to its users, this on its website:

Good night sweet prince,

We are very sorry to have to inform you that Hackulous has been closed. After many years, our community has become stagnant and our forum resembled a ghost town. E ‘became difficult to keep online and maintain well-organized the forum in spite of the devotion of our staff. We are incredibly grateful for all the support we have received over the years and we hope that new and large communities may arise from our own ashes.

With much love 
Hackulous team

Hackulous is the site that supports tweak and applications concerned with the appearance of illegal Jailbreak, Installous and AppSync like. Without going into detail, these softwares allow the download and installation of free and paid applications found illegal nell’AppStore. Installous is completely out of order, who will try to use it will receive an error message when opening the application, while AppSync in theory will work, but will not be updated for new versions of iOS. In practice, this is the end of an era for piracy related to Apple .

For pirates, for those who illegally discharging applications, it will be the worst news of 2012, while most of iCommunity would like to set a day of celebration worldwide. In fact, this event might have positive consequences for everyone.From the developers who will not see rubarsi applications on which they worked, up to the users who will enjoy better applications that will be developed over time.Also remove the concept of piracy by the concept of Jailbreak will help to better perceive what are all the benefits associated with the “unlock” the iPhone. For this reason, even hackers and developers of Cydia are celebrating.

My Observation after Hackulous Ending

In my small way I hope that this will be a big step towards the development of future Jailbreak: If Apple tries in every way to prevent the JB on the iDevice is mainly to prevent piracy, but if this fails, Apple itself could make the work of hackers “less impossible” and release times of the Jailbreak shorter.We will update if there are any comments by hackers linked to the world of the jailbreak ( not piracy ).

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