Google has Proposed Speeding up your Website with mod_pagespeed

Google has Proposed Speeding up your Website with mod_pagespeed 2

Mod_pagespeed is a server module for HTTP Apache that optimizes your website before serving, rather improving your website performance and latency of the same.
After two years of development Google has removed the poster of beta , but is used by over 120,000 websites . This module does all the optimization work without modifying the files of our website (JavaScript, CSS , images …) because the result is drinkable.

The purpose of this tool is to reduce the bandwidth to spend our resources and improving Web application optimization practices, such as removing spaces and line satos CSS , JavaScript and HTML and also optimizes images to make them lighter without losing quality .

We can configure it using filters that affect different file types and optimize a web form or another, distinguished two types of filters, which do not alter the central display at all and feel of the website and other more advanced that we can customize to to optimize our website.

This technology is backed by more than large companies in the hosting like GoDaddy , Edge Cast and DreamHost .

More info: Google – Developers

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