Google is Preparing Android vs. Windows 5

Google is Preparing Android vs. Windows 5

In the next few months, the Internet giant Google may present its new operating system, Android 5.0, specifically designed to work in the Tablet PC.

This unexpected news that comes from Taiwanese manufacturers of mobile electronics, looks rather premature – after long-promised, and more recently, the four Android Ice Cream Sandwich is still not widely used. However, market experts give convincing arguments in favor of the truth of these rumors.

According to them, Android 5.0 with a traditional pastry called Jelly Bean has a little bit ahead of the official premiere of the other mobile OS – Windows 8.Moreover, for greater effect, Android 5.0 will support dual-boot – that is, the user can not turn off the tablet to switch between the two operating systems.

So Google will be able to extend its influence not only on the traditional Android-gadgets, but also on those boards, users who prefer Windows.How to respond to such a move Microsoft, is still unknown , but analysts say the market is a risk that these actions of the Google.

The fact that all the recent Android users waiting for a universal operating system that runs both on tablets and smartphones. To solve this problem and had to Ice Cream Sandwich, like Gizmodo . But before he could appear as Google once again suspected of trying to fragment the market for operating systems , again releasing a specialized system for tablets.

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