Google Pays those Who Discover Vulnerabilities in Chrome OS

Google Pays those Who Discover Vulnerabilities in Chrome OS

Those who discover and give a signal to any vulnerability in Google Chrome  OS will be rewarded. The operating system therefore complements the other products included in the ” bug bounty program “, reaching out to researchers to seek their cooperation in the analysis of the code developed.

For Google this is a specific policy, however, also shared by Mozilla and other groups in an attempt to gather around him a community active and collaborative. The project was initially launched with the Chrome browser and then engaging YouTube, Blogger and other services Made in Mountain View . To date bugs have already been paid for a total consideration of approximately $ 729 thousand divided between different departments (Chrome collects most of the reports) more severe the bug is, the higher the amounts awarded to the author of the discovery.

To access the program, the researcher should report the bug in specific, to avoid making public the problem waiting for Google to operate at resolution of vulnerabilities. Chrome OS in this case is still the operating system designed for Chromebook , laptop designed to work on focusing on Chrome cloud the whole way you use the device.

Source: Google Online Security

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