Google Maps Coordinate Lets You Manage a Mobile Workforce (Video)

Google Maps brings live traffic info to 13 European countries

Google is putting its Maps app to figure for businesses with a brand new initiative referred to as Coordinate that helps you manage mobile workforces.

The idea is that if you’ll visualize where your numerous staff are at any given time, you’ll higher deploy them. within the video higher than, the instance is given of another power company that’s grappling with a storm that broken one amongst its wind turbines. Using Coordinate, the company’s CEO is in a position to form and assign a brand new job, fixing the turbine.

Employees, in turn, will update the standing of their jobs and watch for new assignments via a mobile app. There’s additionally a check-in possibility that the staff will prove they really received the positioning. (The app additionally includes integration with Google Maps Indoors.)

Google is launching the service on Sept. one at a value of $15 per user, per month. Google doesn’t give pricing info on its website.


The introduction comes as IDC estimates that there’ll be quite one.3 billion mobile staff by 2015 (37.2% of the overall workforce.) For firms that have to be compelled to dispatch staff — like taxi services or restaurants that supply deliveries — the attractiveness is clear, though firms not willing to pay will most likely reverse-engineer their own version of Coordinate.

Via:- Mashable


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