Google Extends its “Flight Search” Reach to International Flights

Google flight search

In September, Google had a very interesting service, a flight search engine.Flight Search combining the supply of U.S. domestic flights and offered to the user combinations, companies and prices based on the dates entered and, of course, origin and destination. Six months after its launch, the Google flight search engine expands the scope of their searches and allow users to find international flights , though, the source must always be in the United States.

Although we still can not enjoy the service to find flights that have no origin or destination in the U.S., the flight search engine Google extends its reach and add to your options the possibility of combinations of flights worldwide ( about 500 airports outside the U.S. ), a valuable information that many services specializing in travel should not lose sight for the convenience of the service and its integration into Google searches make it an option to take into account when planning a trip.

Since we launched Google Flight Search, we heard many requests asking to use it globetrotter to destinations outside the United States. Starting today, users can find flights, including international destinations quickly and comfortably

Is Running ? Very simple, or directly seek a flight (by entering the search terms in Google or accede to this section and perform a flight search with the help of the map where we can see in the results, airlines and prices, and power adjust the dates of departure and return.

Although the service is limited to flights to or from U.S. and international routes covering 500 airports outside the United States, it is expected that, little by little, the scope of service continues to expand and Flight Search Google end up becoming an overall flights search engine.


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