Google Drive is Now Available

Google DriveGoogle Drive is now available from and came as commenting offers a space of 5 GB free storage where we can store and share files of any type, including video, photos, documents from Google Docs, PDF files, Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. As expected, Google Drive becomes the evolution of Google Docs because it allows sharing of content stored and work with them collaboratively with others and keep abreast of changes by receiving notifications when someone makes a comment or share a content.

In addition, Google Drive becomes a virtual hard disk with 5 GB of free space with the possibility of expanding the space to 25 GB for $ 2.49 per month, 100 GB for $ 4.99 a month or even 1 TB space for $ 49.99 a month with the added advantage that if we decide to go for some of these services premium Gmail space will grow to 25 GB. For ease of operation, in addition to classic web interface with which we used to manage in Google Docs, Google Drive extends the gateways to the service with desktop client (available for PC and Mac) and a mobile client for Android already available and will be expanded in the coming weeks, with a client that will access IOS services to iPhone and iPad terminals.

The power of Google search engine will be felt also in the service due to the inclusion of filters that allow us to sort the information by keyword, file type or owner roles also included OCR for character recognition on images that will search for content written in pictures.

Another important detail in the comprehensive view that Google is giving all its services, is the integration of Google Drive with Google + will allow, for example, post photos of our warehouse Drive in our profile on Google’s social network or even Thanks to the integration with Gmail , attach documents or images on our emails. In fact, the integration of Google Drive with other services, including third parties, is an idea that I find very interesting and can add much value to the service.

Google DriveNow what? To test your 5 GB free and desktop applications simply have to access
 and click on the button that has enabled to activate your account (although you may need to have some patience because it seems that the service is failing something activations).

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