Google Chrome Promises That We Will Have a Retina Adapted to Screens Soon

Google Chrome promises That We Will Have a Retina Adapted to Screens Soon

The arrival of the resolution retinal our Mac is now a reality with the next-generation MacBook Pro, but will mean a lot of headaches for developers who are suddenly with the task of adapting all applications.One of the first companies that has promised to do so is Google, announcing that Chrome will be compatible with the retina of the Mac screens soon .

The Mountain View company has already made ??initial progress in developing its channel Canary, where we can already see the first results of adapting the interface elements of Chrome to four times a definition to which we are accustomed. In the picture above you have the test, although the official Google blog and be notified that they have much work ahead in the ‘coming weeks’.

All other applications on Mac OS X, if you want to look good on an OS X adapted retina screens will have to do the same. Google must have reacted seeing some comparative screen MacBook Pro retina, where all browsers except Safari showing a huge pixels . Never an update of OS X had given so much work, except in the transition to Intel in 2005.

Via:- Official Blog Google Chrome

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