Galaxy S3 Starts Receiving Android 4.1.2 with Multi-View

The Galaxy S3 is already receiving the update to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. The new version of Google’s mobile operating system brings to the mobile Samsung diverse resources, some inherited from the “big brother” Galaxy Note 2 . However, updade is restricted for now, users of Poland.galaxy s3-4.1.2 Jelly Bean-Android

Among the highlights of the update is the Multi-View feature, which takes advantage of the 4.8-inch screen to operate multiple windows simultaneously. Furthermore, the owner of the Galaxy S3 will enjoy the acclaimed application galleries Note 2. The image viewing software offers more features for manipulating files, and display formats more attractive.

Another feature inherited from fobletSamsung’s Smart Rotation, which solves the problem of rotation of the screen every time the device is tilted. The technology uses the phone’s front camera to identify the position of the face. Then, the feature ensures that the screen will have the ideal orientation, eliminating the uncomfortable image rotate when the user tilts the phone at bedtime, for example.

The keyboard touch system was also remodeled with update . From now on, you can set it to the input mode continuous. Based onSwype , the virtual keyboard of Galaxy S3 now offers the option to slide his fingers through his characters to form words.

With Android 4.1.2, you can also customize much of the information presented in the notification panel as shortcuts to enable and disable features. Users who wish may, for example, disable the toolbar that lets you change the brightness of the screen, aggregated notifications. The update also brings Buddy Page and applications Paper Artist and Group Cast .



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