Galaxy Nexus is Faster Than Windows Smartphone

Microsoft drawbridgeAs we know, Microsoft is trying all ways to promote its mobile platform Windows Phone. One way is to match “Smoked Windows by Phone” , which has applied to compare the proposed rate of its smartphone c devaysom for Windows Phone.

And employee resource ScatterTech Sahas Katta, armed with my Samsung Galaxy Nexus , went to the store Microsoft, where was held the next stage of competition. The prize for the winner this time was a HP laptop worth $ 1,050, the loser, as usual got Windows Phone smartphone.
This time the contest was to quickly show the weather in two cities. Sahas disabled the lock on the screen in its Android-smartphone and installed with the weather widget on the desktop. Thus, to show the weather forecast, it was necessary only to press the power button.
Weather for Windows Phone officer show up at the “tiles” desktop, but in order to gain access to them, it was also necessary to press the power button and then hold your finger to unlock the screen.
Therefore, by the time Galaxy Nexus won, but a Microsoft employee has refused to concede defeat. The reason – “because”. Another employee, apparently, the store manager, said the “loser”, it was necessary to show the weather in two cities “in two different countries,” although earlier the condition of different countries may sound.
Sahas Katta eventually said he was not against such competition, but only if they are conducted fairly, and that he would be glad to conduct a rematch, once again proving that Android-smartphone devaysa faster on Windows Phone.

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