Free Space on your iPad without Jailbreak, Thanks to PhoneClean


If you do not want to run out of space on your iPad then you have two options: buy always higher capacity devices (64GB) or care that is not filled with useless junk that just takes up space.Ā The first option is expensive but the second on the other hand is free.Ā In Cydia there are applications that can perform the second task, asĀ iCleanerĀ .Ā But if you have noĀ JailbreakĀ done, do not worry, becauseĀ PhoneCleanĀ just as wellĀ .Ā Thanks to this application. By using this you will see space occupied only by what you really need i.e. your videos, music, photos, applications and data you care about by deleting files you thought were already deleted, caches, cookies, temporary files … and thereby releasing the storage of your precious iPad.

Free Space on your iPad without Jailbreak, Thanks to PhoneClean 1

This application isĀ only compatible with Windows, so if Mac users need to useĀ Boot-campĀ or a virtual machine to use it.Ā Only 3.5 Mb which you can download from theirĀ official websiteĀ  and runs on Windows XP or any after it.Ā Once downloaded, the run will detect your device connected to your computer and you can do a scan to detect all unnecessary files that you can delete.

Free Space on your iPad without Jailbreak, Thanks to PhoneClean 2Once finished, it inform you about all the space that you can free separated by categories.Depending on the use you have given to your iPhone, this space will be higher or lower releasable.Ā You can deploy each category to uncheck those you do not want to lose dataĀ , like some games, or access data from any application.Ā As always with these tools, you must be careful because once you have deleted data can not recover unless you have a backup made previously.When you are clear, click on the Clean button (clear) and that space will be available again.


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