Free Resources on Science and Mathematics in Gooru

 Free Resources on Science and Mathematics in Gooru

Gooru is an online portal aimed at the high school student and high school that allows you to visit more than 2,600 study guides, each composed of a collection of videos, interactive games, documents, diagrams and pictures on many topics related to the world general science (biology, geology, chemistry …), and especially mathematics (algebra, calculus …).

Once we have registered for the courses that interest us and we read, and based on the results that we draw in the exercises we do.The tool will suggest other courses to take to improve our scores and our level, which will help us master the concepts.

Besides being an educational tool, Gooru also has become a social experience as it allows students to contact with others from around the world through a community of users, in which professors, experts and students meet their questions and collaborate to create a more collaborative learning experience.

Link: Gooru 


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