Predictions for 2012 – Which were True?


A year ago we published 25 predictions for 2012, which were more or less serious. Today – one year later – we want to evaluate how right we were located. The system for the reviews we maintain: If a claim to have been met in full, there is a point, in part, from 0.5 or 0.75 points and not fulfilled, results in 0 points. The same system is also implemented in the last year.

1- Google strengthened considerably by integrating Google+

1 – Google+ has been incorporated, for example, Gmail, Google and YouTube channel, but were also the other way around services in Google+, as Google Drive

2-Features of Google Wave can be found again in Google+

0 – After long deliberation, nothing has occurred to me of Google Wave, which is now found in Google+

3-Appears Android 5

0 – Unfortunately not.

4-The number of Googlers approaching the 40,000-mark

0.5 Including the people of Motorola, there are 53,546, but with only 36,118 Googlers, still half a point.

5-Chrome and Firefox to consolidate distance remains world number 1 (IE is not a browser)

1 – Chrome is now the No. 1 among the browsers and have outdated in most statistics also IE.Firefox is the distance to some statistics already 11 percentage points.

6-Google combines memory and increases it (GDrive)

1 – GDrive actually went online and the memory of Google Drive and Picasa Web was summarized.

7-YouTube users upload videos 4 days per minute

0.75 – The latest figures, Google has released in May. Since there were 72 hours in January 2012, it was the 60th I think it is quite likely that the 5 days have already been achieved.

8-Android fragmentation verringt be minimal.

1 – Unfortunately, the right place. Here are the charts of the distribution of the January and December 2012:


9-The next Nexus phone is not from Samsung

1 – Correct. The Nexus 4 was from LG.

10-The first official Nexus Tab appears

1 – Japp, even two: Nexus 7 from Asus, Samsung Nexus 10

11-Samsung TVs come with built-in GoogleTV (as competition with Apple)

1 – Samsung unveiled at the IFA, a Smart TV with Google TV

12-Android Marketplace only supports credit card payment method more

1 – In the U.S., there are the credit cards already official.

13-Picasa Web Albums, Google Toolbar and Google Scholar can be set

All services there – 0.

14-Google Earth is retreaded – or set (running in the browser anyway)

1 – with Google Earth 6.2 (new look for recordings) and Earth gave 7 (new look for 3D) are two major updates

15-Android has the end of 2012 with a market share of 75% (currently 52.5%)

0.75 – Gartner reported in November by 72%

16-Google is entering the gaming market.

1 – With Ingress Google has created its own game.

17-Youtube and Gema not agree

1 – Unfortunately, there was no agreement.

18-Chrome version reached number 25

1 – The Chromium builds, even the 26, Chrome Dev Channel is at 25, at 24 Chrome Beta and Stable release at 23

19-Additional features from Gmail Labs are a standard feature

1 – In May, three features of Gmail Labs features standard .

20-Chrome apps run on Android, Android apps in Chrome

0 – is still not possible.

21-Street View in Germany gets updates yet again (because of competition from Microsoft and / or a clear legal

0 – Did not update, but also I had expected nothing else.

22-YouTube videos from playing only in HTML5 video tag will flash fallback

0 – Since the beginning of 2011, some users get a trial basis from time to time the HTML5 player, but he is not yet standard.

23-Google Music launches in Europe (including Germany)

1 – hit.

24-Google Voice Launches in Europe

0 – set of x, that was nothing.

25-There are 300 Doodles (was not achieved 2011)

0 to 300 in 2012 have not been met. If I have lost count, there were 2012 worldwide 293 doodles.

In total, thus 14 of 25 allegations had been correct and have reached 16 of 25 possible points.

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