First Cloud Computing Phone by Huawei

First Cloud Computing Phone by HuaweiThe affiliation between Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, the most important Chinese manufacturer of telecommunications equipment by revenue and Italian Supercoppa (Italian Supercup), not solely primarily based on the actual fact that they share constant birth year.

Established within the southern coastal town of Shenzhen in 1987, Huawei has become an enormous high-level hardware telecom competes with the likes of Telefon AB of Sweden, Ericsson LM.

Now is leveraging the recognition of Italian Supercoppa with many several Chinese soccer fans in hopes of promoting their cloud computing, sensible phones.

These new devices will give straightforward downloads and permit the exchange of films, books and plenty of electronic music, whereas the backup data within the cloud.

Cloud computing provides applications from a server run and managed by the net browser of a shopper. Any device for simple web affiliation will access constant supply of computing power, applications and files on a cloud computing setting. knowledge is stored centrally, in order that the user has no would like for a storage medium like a DVD or USB flash drive.

“Huawei is that the 1st handset maker worldwide to introduce a smartphone primarily based on cloud computing. we would like folks to measure and work within the cloud,” said Wan Biao, government Director of Huawei Device Co Ltd, a Shanghai Forum in July.

The company plans to take a position a hundred million yuan (U.S. $ 15.4 million) to become the only sponsor of the Italian Supercup 2011. The soccer game between the highest 2 Italian groups AC Milan and Inter Milan was held at the house of the enduring Beijing Olympic Games, the Bird’s Nest, on 06 August and used for promotions throughout the year.

It will be the second time the Italian Supercoppa has reached China. On August eight, 2009, the competition attracted some seventy three,000 soccer fans to the Bird’s Nest and created the history of China in sporting events box workplace revenues of seventy seven billion yuan.

“Through this soccer game, we have a tendency to hope to achieve a hundred million Chinese and allow them to grasp Huawei phones intelligent cloud computing,” said Steven Yang, China President of Huawei Device Co Ltd.

Yang said that the patronage of the Italian Super Cup proves a crucial strategic step for Huawei device during which the corporate desires to create its whole awareness among the common folks instead of simply the operators of telecommunications networks.

“They conjointly raise the image of Huawei terminals on the globe stage,” said Yang.

Huawei plans to have ten flagship stores and shops in 4000 in China’s huge cities later this year to expand its distribution channels and build their phones obtainable to additional folks. the corporate sold over five million smartphones within the market within the 1st half this year. It expects sales of $ seven million within the second .

Victor Xu, director of promoting for Huawei devices business, said in early July that the corporate is probably going to send twenty million smartphones worldwide in 2011, on top of the previous target of fifteen million units. Huawei shipped regarding three.3 million smartphones last year.

There are 3 main reasons behind the speedy growth of Huawei smartphones, “said Xiang Ligang, a telecommunications professional in Beijing conjointly contains a net web site within the business.

“First, Huawei absorbing advanced technologies to their phones. Secondly, it’s a decent relationship with world telecommunications operators Huawei as a provider of kit was necessary to them. Thirdly, Huawei mobile phones have terribly competitive costs “said Xiang.

Huawei introduced its 1st transportable in 2003 when the corporate won a contract for 3G network equipment within the UAE. The native operator asked Huawei to create 3G transportable network. The telecommunications terminal business experienced steady growth and contributed thirty.8 billion yuan on sales of Huawei’s total 185.2 billion yuan in two010.

Ren Zhengfei, founder and CEO of Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, said in an indoor meeting in early 2011 that Huawei should be a “major player” within the world handset market.

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