First Case of iPad 3/2S is Ready [photo]

The First Case For iPad 3/2S is readyThe output of the iPad 3/2S  is very close, So close that the first case began to leak. The Chinese is the first manufacturer who  publish a photo of a Case for  iPad 3/2S   made by the props Chinee .

If the photo appears authentic, it confirms several hypotheses on the upcoming Apple tablet. Not sure yet of the name Apple will go for  iPad3 or iPad 2S  but  if the case will fit the iPad 3/2S  it is clear that the new tablet is 1mm thicker than the previous generation may be because of the Retina display and the ports layout remains unchanged.The First Case For iPad 3/2S is ready

The information is still to be taken with caution. Last summer we had here and there emerged several models of hulls and 5 cases for iPhone, which had proved to be “fakes” . Apple iPhone was finally introduced a 4S design identical to the iPhone 4 but performance increased tenfold.The First Case For iPad 3/2S is ready

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