Fastest camera in the world: Nikon 1 J1

 Fastest camera in the world: Nikon 1 J1Nikon 1 is one of the most anticipated new products in the photographic world, the reaction of Nikon cameras in the success mirrorless with interchangeable lenses from competitors. Until recently , only Nikon and Canon of the biggest players in the photosphere were not involved in this race: Panasonic ,Olympus , Sony , Samsung has a long and serious fighting in it for the leadership, Pentax has just joined her with the smallest bezzerkalkoy under the name of Q … Life in the newly created class of boils, and it is no longer involved only Canon. Today we are testing the J1 – the younger of the two presented three weeks ago mirrorless Nikon’s 1.And the one of the two, along with her ??sister V1) of the fastest camera in the world.

 Nikon has turned a J1 most minimalist camera without any extra parts and no protruding parts, the flash is hidden in an original way housing, rounded edges, the abundance of oblique angles

On trapped us in the test chamber is almost no black specks of other colors  but only light label red circle in the center of the button fast video recording. The body is made of plastic, but rough, pleasant in texture. Black J1 has a fairly elegant, modern and not too conservative design, fitting the camera in this class, but it looks pretty solid. This is a normal man’s camera for the advanced amateurSo it seems striking contrast of pink and white models made in the same design, but from the glossy, slippery plastic. The camera is one, and a portrait of the audience is different looms. Nikonbea designs every one definitely like it.

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