How Famous IT Products Get their Names

How Famous IT Products Get their Names 1

Why the BlackBerry is actually called Blackberry? Such as Microsoft came to the imaginative name Windows 7? Does the name of Google’s mobile operating system Android anything to do with robots? Read and be amazed.


For the name of the wireless e-mail device, the company Research took in Motion 2001, a brand lexicon to help: The consultants from RIM came from the word “email” from, and sought instead to a term that evokes the joy.Since the small buttons on the device to remind fruit pits, the team came to the word “strawberry” (strawberry). As a replacement for the slow-sounding syllable “straw” beating the experts before the black color of the case – that it was the “Blackberry”.


Yet been developed during the MP3 player, Apple CEO Steve Jobs talked about his strategy, the Mac in the center of all other devices to make. The free advertising copywriter Vinnie Chieco was specifically hired to give the device before its launch in 2001 a name. Chieco was inspired by the movie “A Space Odyssey” in which the spacecraft with respect to the sentence was “Open the bay door sleeve, Hal”. Sleeve means in English “pod” “- i was in conjunction with information from the Internet, or iPod title .


To choose a name that brings the essence of a product, can be complicated, as people found out the Mozilla organization. The earlier version of Mozilla’s browser was called Firebird. But because of an open-source project with the same name, named the Elders of Mozilla’s Firefox browser in order to – English translation of the Chinese name “fire fox”.Thus both the fox and the little red-brown panda is meant. “The name is easy to remember, sounds good and is unique.” 


As co-founder Biz Stone saw the application that Jack Dorsey created in 2006, he was reminded how birds communicate with each other: “. Short chirps every accumulation of information and talks well.” Stone dropped the word “twttr,”, and added the team probably add a few vowels. The Micro (b) logging tool Twitter allows a simple and system-independent storage of small text appetizers, which consist of a maximum of 140 characters. In the U.S., Twitter has now established itself as a social network. 

Windows 7

The term “Windows 7” as the successor of Windows Vista operating system is a first in the name of the software company Microsoft policy. Mike Nash explained in the official Windows Vista blog named this way: “Simply put, this is the seventh version of Windows, and therefore makes” Windows 7 “just makes sense.” We use a number as part of their name, Microsoft sets but also on Vista.


The venerable line of PC notebooks in 1992 came on in the computer scene. While the concept had hit the bull’s eye, there was a riot at IBM on the question of how should the new innovation called for. IBM’s pen-computer team wanted to be brief and chose the ThinkPad name – a small leather notebook that was given to each IBM employees when hiring. It had the imprint called Think and notebooks in English Notepad. These two words were merged into ThinkPad. 


In 2005 acquired the search engine giant Google is a mysterious start-up company called Android. This company has to date “software for mobile phones” that, as the U.S. business magazine “Business Week” reported. The open source Android platform, the company consortium Open Handset Alliance (OHA) is an open system – it can be changed by a worldwide community of developers. Since late October, the first Android phone from Google, HTC and T-Mobile G1 with the name in the United States is available. 


Sets according to their own definition of the term Wikipedia “Wiki” (Hawaiian for fast) and “Encyclopedia” (English for encyclopedia) together. A portmanteau word like Wikipedia is a portmanteau of two or more words to merge the contents to a new term – individual word segments to be repaid.The main feature of Wikipedia: that all men can directly create, modify articles or ideas and people. Backlog, which is accepted by the community.

Mac OS X

The letter X of the new Macintosh operating system is the one for the Roman numeral 10, and refers to the succession of earlier versions, such as Mac OS 8 and Mac OS 9 For many Mac fans anger many people, the X refer to the letter. On the other hand, follows the tradition of other Mac OS X Unix derivatives, whose names almost exclusively with an X, such as AIX, IRIX, A / UX, Sinix, HP-UX and Xenix. 

Red Hat

back to Gallery Previous Photo beginning has continued for the name of Red, which is active in the development, implementation and management of Linux and open source solutions, there are several sources of origin. Co-founder Bob Young (photo) are the following: How is the color red in the western history of the liberation and challenge to the authority. Co-founder Marc Ewing was also the red lacrosse hat in college and his grandfather was known for his technical expertise. In addition, Ewing named his projects with Red Hat 1, 2, and so on. 


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