Facebook Timeline: What is Necessary to Know ?

Facebook Timeline - What is Necessary to know

As Facebook announced the transition to the Timeline will be mandatory for all users. To prevent yourself So before contingency, the Revoseek.com tells you what to watch.

  • Most basic rules of all is the “Hide the Timeline” that will have your postsAfter you enter, therefore, consider whether the post that you want to show or not.
  • Take your photos. The Timeline gives great emphasis which now appear to enormous size. So if any of all is not so flattering on you, be sure to disappear in time.
  • Geo-tagging. Apart from large size, however, your photos will have information on where they were taken. This means that if you do not want to know all of you went and what you should manually remove the geotags.
  • Applications. Before installing an application, check very carefully if you request access to the Timeline and what you intend to publish there. Also good is to go to application settings from the context menu and check what rights have each of them you have already installed. Mostly look at the choice on who can see posts and activity of each application. Eg Public, Friends, Just me, etc.
  • If you’re unsure, use option that allows you to see what it looks like your profile to your friendsYou can also select specific individuals. It is the best method to ensure that you have not missed something.
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