Facebook Smartphone “Buffy” Break the Silence

Facebook Smartphone "Buffy" Break the SilenceAfter several months of silence, back in vogue once again the question of the first smartphones to launch branded Facebook. As reported by All Things Digital, in fact, the social network in Palo Alto would have taken another step forward in the direction of creation of the first mobile device totally oriented to the social, choosing HTC as partner for the production of the same.

The Taiwanese company was selected following a careful analysis phase, with Samsung for a long time in the running for the same position. At the base of the device, whose name should be Buffy , there will be a specially modified version of the Android engineers from Palo Alto to incorporate the best features typical of social networks within the operating system. These include also the implementation of a framework in HTML5 for the implementation of new applications , reflecting the huge interest from Facebook to the new markup language for web-app.

Behind the project will be  Bret Taylor , Chief Technology Officer of the portal founded by Mark Zuckerberg and current skipper in the race for the entry of Facebook on a mobile stage. A scene, this, in which the U.S. top management strongly believe,

Any mobile device is best combined with a social twist,” said a company spokesman,

who, however, preferred to gloss over questions relating to the first smartphone weblog Facebook of history.

According to early rumors smartphone Buffy would still be in draft form and therefore quite far from the entrance on the market. The predictions are for a debut within 12 or 18 months, during which the Palo Alto team will work hard to enrich the new features in the device to bring a social salsa breath of fresh air in the mobile market.

 Source: All Things Digital


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