Facebook Office is Decorated with a Giant QR-Code

Facebook Office 1Employees of Facebook have placed on the roof of its new headquarters at a Hacker Way in Menlo Park (California), a huge QR -code area of 12 square meters. Bar code is so large that is visible from satellites.
QR-code is a site FB QR code , where the company can post puzzles, jokes and other entertainment content, writes TechCrunch. When the mark index the online mapping services, it can be viewed, for example, through Google Maps.Facebook Office
By the initiative – a member of the Facebook, Mark Pike. He reacted differently to the call Mark Zuckerberg noted the move to new office. The head of the social network offered to decorate the headquarters, for example, painted the walls of the balloon or hanging on the posters.
Matrix QR-codes (short for Quick Response) was developed by Japanese company Denso Wave in 1994. These marks represent a pattern of black squares on a white background. To read the QR-code is required to bring it a smartphone with a program-scanner.
“Smart” codes are often used for marketing purposes. As a rule, are “sewn” link to the site on which you can get more information about the product.Facebook Office

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