Facebook is Developing its Own Search Engine

FacebookSearch engine Bing, now responsible for search on Facebook, will soon be replaced by a proprietary company.

Social network Facebook has reached to date, the vastness, has acquired a bunch of their own services and in fact is a separate Internet within the Internet. As you can imagine such a huge object simply can not normally exist without its own search engine. To date, all the search needs of Facebook are allowed on the basis of Bing search engine from Microsoft, and this is a very stripped-down version of the search are not able to handle complex queries.

As it became known to the representatives of the publication Businessweek, on Facebook at all hard at work on developing its own search engine, headed by a former employee of Google – Lars Rasmussen.

So far, the primary goal of the group Rasmussen is bringing to mind the search for status, notes and videos are not directly in the social network itself, and in addition to the results Google will get the materials tagged as “like” from the external network.

The essence of the activities carried out in Facebook is that its users would have had less reason to turn to other search engines, especially to Google. By the way, first came to the territory of the enemy is Google, launching a social network Google +, whose main idea is the same as that of Facebook – not to let users of its own ecosystem, providing them with all necessary facilities within it.


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