Executives from Samsung use Apple Products


Is it not amazing for you that “Executives from Samsung use Apple Products“. May be not for you but I am surprised when came to know.

What is the Story behind the use of Apple products by an Executives from Samsung ?

The vicissitudes in court between Samsung and Apple suggest that between the two companies there is a visceral hatred due to the prejudices of a company against the other. In the words of Young Sohn , one of the most important leaders in Samsung innovation that takes care of new products, it does not seem like that, because it seems that executives from Samsung are frequent users of  Apple products.

In an interesting and comprehensive interview published today in MIT Technology Review

Young Sohn (president and chief strategy officer for Samsung) has admitted that they uses Apple products, largely due to Apple’s “sticky” ecosystem.

Samsung has always been known as a company that produces devices, microprocessors, displays, televisions, and recently also cell phones and smartphones. We build great products, but in the near future, we must find a way to integrate all these technologies in the individual devices in order to create a solid ecosystem in all of our platforms.

has always been using Apple products , and at home I have a Mac, an iPhone and an iPad, and I have a Galaxy logically. The Cupertino company has a big advantage as regards in particular the integration of its ecosystem in each device. For example, thanks to iCloud my family can have real-time access to my contacts, my pictures, and my data when they are in the United States and its 6000 miles away in Korea.

For example, the Galaxy Nexus, from my point of view is a phone better than iPhone: faster and has a better display. But the ecosystem is a critical point in the Android products.


Substantially Young Sohn argues that despite Samsung can boast the largest product platform in the world provides its users a “device-centric” related to the use of each product. That offered by the products of Apple, on the other hand, is more experience paid to the use of its ecosystem, in which each product is connected in a manner virtually invisible to another.

Please tell us about the Executives of the Companies which are considered  the competitor of Apple and use Apple Products.

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