Error in the Latest Update for iPhone WhatsApp

WhatsAppLet your iPhone immediately, Omitid the red circle with the number one in the App Store. It’s a pending update WhatsApp , but contains an error that the update makes the program crash. The official account

WhatsApp  has warned of the error, and is apologizing to all those who are  affected and complaining.

The bad thing is that is the error itself, because it is resolved by deleting and reinstalling the application.The trouble is that just by doing that we lose the history of all our messages . Maybe that some do not mind not having vital conversations, but no data in those messages whose loss could jeopardize the user. So far the only solution is to restore a backup of the phone with the older version.

The good news is that you do not lose the groups of people you have in use , and WhatsApp are working around the clock to fix the problem. Another thing to consider is that there seems to affect everyone, but for the tone they have used since WhatsApp seems to be fairly widespread. If you are lucky for not yet been updated WhatsApp it is the perfect time to apply this philosophy of “if it works leave it alone.” Thanks to all who have been warned!

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