Electronic Sensors to Wear

Electronic Sensors to WearIn a time when the field of information technology is increasingly in the direction of wearable technology, as evidenced for example, is the Google Glass no shortage of ideas in this area.The latest comes from Hong Kong, where researchers at Hong Kong Polytechnic University have made some electronic sensors that can adapt perfectly to the human body and its forms , opening the door to new solutions in terms of the wearable electronics.

Unlike conventional electronic components, typically made using materials rigid and non-deformable, as studied in the laboratories of the University Asian enjoys instead the important advantage of not suffer from this problem. By minimizing the rigidity of the materials researchers have also made of fabrics composed of polymers and nano-carbon able to conduct current adapting to the shape of the body : in this way, therefore, the sensors can be literally worn by users, thus being able to monitor for example patients without resort to the installation of annoying and cumbersome sensors.

Such materials, in addition to being particularly resistant to deformations or external pressures (researchers discussing forces of about 2000kPa), are also water resistant and therefore washable. Tests have also excluded the absence of special effects on the skin, as these breathable fabrics and free of components that may cause allergic reactions or other problems. The extreme lightness of the material finally makes possible the creation of garments fitted with electronic sensors of various kinds without going to increase the weight thereof.Wearable in every respect, in short, but this feature is instrumental to the real function that may take in different contexts to which they would be used.

According to the researchers who is credited with this discovery, then, in the future, these materials could also find new fields of application, especially if it would be possible to directly implanted inside the human body without causing side effects. The whole field of medicine and diagnostics could take such important advantages electronics, being thus possible to monitor in real time the health of patients and trace immediately anomalies.

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