Eddy Cue, The Trump Apple

After passage of the storm, we can begin to digest a little orgy of executive movements that Apple has been in the last month . The truth is that the cessation of Scott Forstall fulminant ahead of iOS has been the less shocking. Considering that is one of the most profitable divisions of Apple, and the numbers have not been bad, far from it.

Eddy Cue, The Trump Apple 1

But let a little air “dirty laundry” , which is always fun … At least in cases like this. Two “errors” committed Scott Forstall, first, to establish itself as ultimate responsibility for two of the newest features that have been included in iOS in the last two versions, the maps and Siri … and both results were not what was expected them. And second, the gossips talk that faced a sacred cow of Apple, Jonathan Ive.

And in all this appears Eddy Cue , is such a little “bland” we saw in some important presentation of iTunes, such as when to introduce the new version you should see this month, if not suffer further delays. But the truth is that while not a personality as strong as that of Scott, Eddy has earned the reputation of “Mr. Wolf” in Apple solves problems.

This month we have seen movements claiming confidence that Tim Cook has Eddy Cue . First on his appointment as vice president responsible for Siri and Maps. He has ensured that these two features of iOS work as well. Apple And when someone is responsible for something, it is up to the end.

Eddy Cue, The Trump Apple 2

Eddy Cue has also come to join the board of Ferrari. Such as he says, since he was eight years old, I dreamed of having one someday, and it has been five years ago when this dream has come true. The head of Ferrari, Luca di Montezemolo, after a brief conversation with Tim Cook, did not hesitate to hire to help Eddy Cue “Caballino Rampant”.

The palate’s own Luca, Eddy experience on the Internet is invaluable … Although who knows if we’ll see Siri and maps in the next Ferrari … ironía_off .

In short, even in the shade, Eddy confidence in Apple is maximum. Firstly because it has a reputation for knowing how to manage well its working groups, getting the confidence of his subordinates. Second, managed to convince Steve Jobs (after much prodding) that a 7-inch tablet is usable.

And third, because Tim Cook has placed in their hands the last two Apple “fiascos” i.e  Siri and Maps . In the coming months we should start to see results in this regard. Hopefully these are good.


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