Dolphin: Innovative Web Browser for Android with Voice Recognition

Dolphin - A Great Web Browser for Android

There are several web browsers to our mobile devices, such as Opera and Firefox are an excellent choice. However, there are new browsers that have found weaknesses in the past and have improved in many ways. One of them is called Dolphin and is a great browser for Android .

Web browser for Android

Since the launch of Android and rather that since the creation of smartphone internet connection from the mobile has become an everyday thing, for this reason have a browser in addition to fast, is functional and efficient is essential .

Android offers a variety of browsers for your operating system, and some of the best are Firefox ,Skyfire , Opera and others. However, this not so new, but new browser, called Dolphin, has some features that have made others shake their field programs.

Dolphin Browser

Dolphin is much more than a conventional browser, besides being fast and efficient tool has extras like tabs, bookmarks, direct access and pluggins or add ons.

With a simple interface to use and very similar to Google Chrome’s application is easy to use and offers a very intuitive to use. However, all these features are not the true jewel of the Android browser .

Speech Recognition

The voice recognition system Dolphin, called Sonar, allows us to search and access websites through oral communication with the Android device. Like any voice recognition system, this does not work perfectly, since it is a technology that is still being refined, but it works better than anything I’ve tried in another program.

Access under drawings

Another great feature of this browser is that we can jump from one site to another simply by drawing a picture on the screen. For example if we want to go to Google we can predefine a command-shaped “G” so that each time you draw a “G” the browser will lead the seeker. We can do with the number of sites we want and the type of gesture that we want.

Add Ons for Dolphin

Like most browsers today with Dolphin Add-ons to customize the user experience depending on it. In the case of the Android browser it already has more than 60 Add-ons to add and start using.

Dolphin is a totally free browser offers a number of possibilities and is a great alternative to otherbrowsers for Android . If you want to download and try Dolphin can do it from the official site or application from Android Market .

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